How to Play PUBG Game

play pubg game

What is PUBG game? Why it is very popular?

Player Unknown’s_Battlegrounds is short name is PUBG. It is a computer  and mobile based game.   It is multiplayer  Battle royal online game.It is created by PUBG Corporation .  It is a subsidiary of South Korea based video company blue hole. PUBG game created by video game director Brendan Greene .

Learn How To play PUBG Game

Game pubg was released by Microsoft Window in march 2017.  Its available on Microsoft Window , Android ,Xbox, and iOS Platform.  Microsoft studios was publish for Xbox one.In recent day PUBG games released by big Platform country such as china , USA & south Korea as a Ten-cent  game.  PUBS  game’s Mobile version is based on Android and iOS . That games use Unreal Engine 4.

Most Popular game

Pubg Several category such as Best multiplayer Game and Games of the year in 35 Golden Joystick Award 2017. PUBG game  is one of the best selling games all time with 50 M sold across all the platform by JUNE 2018 .


game is designed  by Brendan Greene after that known as online handle player unknown game, which is created by ARMA-2 Mod DAYZ Battle Royal. PUBG games is based on Japanese movie Battle Royal. Brendan Greene is a photographer, graphic designer, and web designer and play video games  player..

Pubg Development started in year 2016 and Publicly announced it is completed with a year ready to play. Chang-ham Kim is executive producer of pubg games. Blue hole create a team of 35 developers to support Greene’s work and vision of pubg game.

Basic requirement for play the game

Consistent online played game so always need  a good internet connection. You can download pubg game for android to google play store and for iOS to  apple app store.
PUBG is very powerful game it is more then 2-GB RAM for android ..

For PC it is required 64-bit processor for Window 7,Window 8 & Window 10. Its required  6GB  RAM and Storage available minimum 30-GB space.

For Xbox  it is available for Xbox one ,Xbox one S and Xbox one X. for  better graphical and visual performance on the Xbox one X.

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