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Learn How TO Apply For Passport

Passport can be applied by two different Way procedure, Anyone can apply for passport easily.

  • Offline
  • Online

By offline

1. Search official page of Passport Seva “” in Google
2. Visit the site of “
3. You can find the section of existing user/New User/track application status/Check Appointment
a. For Existing User: If the applicant is an existing user,i.e, already register with Passport
Seva, he/she can log in using the user ID and password.
b. For New User: If the applicant is a first-time user, he/she will have to register and
create an account. To register, the steps listed below need to be followed:

Steps to apply for PAN card Offline

I. First, the applicant is required to click on ‘New User Register Now’ tab.
II. After that user redirected to the user registration page where he/she has to fill the identifying

III. The Field marked by (*) are mandatory to be filled by the user
IV. In the first option applicant will have to opt one option either CPV (CPV Delhi’ option to apply
for the Diplomatic/Official passport at Consular, Passport and Visa (CPV) division, Delhi.)

However, these passports can also be applied through Passport Seva Kendras as well).

V. In the second option: Passport office (a city where the applicant based on or current address).

VI. The field related to name is limited to 35 characters.

VII. Select the login ID. (It can be said to be the same as the email ID).

VIII. Specify the password and confirm.

IX. Provide a hint question and answer. (This will come in handy if the applicant forgets the login

X. Next, enter the captcha code and click on ‘Register’.

Apply Online

Step Two: Choosing the Application Type
1) Logging in will give the applicant access to the site and direct him/her to the Applicant Homepage.
There, the applicant can choose to apply for a:

2) Fresh passport / Passport Reissue

3) Two alternate option either to fill the form online or print out the soft copy , fill it offline and upload
the filled form.

4) In First Field need to submit Fresh Passport (New User ) or Reissue (to apply a passport on the behalf
of old passport).

5) Then type of application : either normal (1 month procedure ) or in Tatkal (7 working days but for
this need to submit the application signed from Government officer with validate reason).

6) Type of Passport booklet : it can be 36 page or 60 pages.

7) Step by step submit personal details

8) Applicant given name and surname followed by Aadhar Card , date of birth ,Gender , Family Details,
Present address , Emergency contact, other details.

9) Validity of 10 years/up to 18 years of age/not applicable
Then submit the form to uploading link.

Step Four: Schedule, Pay and Book the appointment

The fourth step in the process of availing a passport in India involves scheduling an appointment
in a bid to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) where the applicants will have to present
themselves. This can be done by following the below-mentioned ways:

  1.  The applicant is required to go to the ‘Applicant Home’ page.
  2.  Next, click on the ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications’.
  3. Doing that, will display a page containing details about the application form that the applicant

has submitted earlier. The details mentioned below are shown in tabular form:

  • ARN
  • File Number
  • Applicant Name
  •  Appointment Date and Submission Number
  •  Next, the applicant is needed to select the ARN of the form they filled.
  • On doing so, a table comprising of the options mentioned below are displayed
  • Retrieve partially filled form
  •  Pay and Schedule Appointment
  • Print Application Receipt
  • View/Print Submitted Form
  • Track Application Status
  •  Track Payment Status
  •  Payment Receipt
  •  Upload Supporting Documents
  • Appointment History
  • The applicant is required to click on ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ from among the options

This initiates the payment process. Next, the applicant is required to choose the mode of
payment from among the two provided, viz. Online payment and Challan payment.
Note: Applicants are required to make online payments for booking appointments at all PSKs. If
paying for tatkal appointments, passport fee to be paid to book the appointment is the same as for
Normal appointments. Once the appointment is successfully confirmed, the balance tatkal passport
fee will have to be paid at the PSK in cash.

Once payment is made the next step is to book the passport appointment.
If the applicants choose to pay online, they can move on to booking the appointment
immediately. If they choose to pay through cash/challan, they are required to follow the steps
mentioned below:

Take the challan to an SBI branch and pay the required amount in cash. (Note: This can be done
only after 3 hours of challan generation, which is valid for 85 days.)

Next, collect a copy of the challan from the receiving bank personnel.
The bank takes 2 days to verify the ARN details provided on the challan.

Successful payment of the fees will be displayed on the website post-verification where the
applicant can ‘track the payment status’. An email update is also sent.

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