Rameshwaram Trip – Beautiful Rameshwaram Trip

Rameshwaram Trip

Land of Lord Rama Place where we find footprint of Lord Ram
Journey start with lots of excitement “a small island – Rameshwaram which connect by road from Madurai City – End of South India”.

A road trip of 170 Km from Madurai and a railway track between the ocean which tell us a lot of fairytale, Ramesharam a pilgrimage place in South Tamil Nadu where devotees believe a Rama’s footstep and where a man can find the way to get Moksha after death.
by road we start journey its a afternoon time all around there is calm and peace with a mountain and a coconut tree , a beautiful sky and a lovely weather make our journey more interesting, that moment where sky look like to touch the road gave us goosebump, here we reach the first view to enter Rameshwaram a “Pamban Bridge” where road and railway track cut across the ocean, we stopped for a while to enjoy the beauty of that ocean , i gaze at the sea where a waves make a different shades and huge foam,

Beauty Of Rameshwaram

We reach at Ranganatha temple – a huge temple which have 22 well which make them clean by their own way every well have different taste of water there is a myth before entering the temple devotee take a bath in Agni teertham ghat which is also an sea but as per devotee after their return from Lanka, Lord Rama had expressed doubts regarding the chastity of Goddess Sita because of which Goddess went through Agnipariksha.

Importants Of Rameshwaram

Rameshwaram have 64 teertham some in the form of well , other like pond , sea and tanks . Agniteertham is one of them . My journey not end here we move to Dhanushkodi after darshan of Jyotirling which made by Sita Mata a small jyotirling . we on the way to Dhanushkodi the scenery view gave us immense plessure , the eyes takes as much of the sea as , the blue green ocean in an empty land stretches for miles , Five decades ago, a natural calamity had wiped Dhanushkodi beauty into darkness, but the ruins still remain,
Just 20 km from Rameshwaram a sea where the end of South India Border and a boarder line of India and Srilanka Start.
We were not prepared what we see . It is stark and empty – a town stripped of life and the barrenness hits me. Skeletal remains of a church and a temple along with some crumbled walls of homes lie scattered on the sands. There is hardly just some broken bricks.

we just move to last point of teertham Villondi teertham-I sit by the oceans and as the waves lash , we just imagin how lord rama and his army of monkeys and bears getting ready to fight the war against Ravana. And as the oceans change colours yet again, I am completely lost in the world of epics and legends where good prevails over evil .

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